Size: 259m²
Completion: Late 2012
Builder: Miles Construction Ltd

A compact two-story office building for a client who was expanding and needed more office space. The site was a small North-facing site (337m²) in a semi-industrial area in Christchurch. The client wanted a building that was interesting and inviting from the street while avoiding heavy looking claddings such as precast concrete, concrete block or brickwork. The interior layout of the building needed to have spaces that were multifunctional and could be used as separate spaces or be opened up into bigger usable spaces.

The structure of the building is visible from both the inside and outside achieved by a simple steel structure breaking the elevation into 12 panels. These panels were infilled with either powdercoated aluminium cladding or glazing to achieve a rubix cube look. The structure is also on show on the inside with the steel roof beams painted black and left exposed below the timber plywood ceiling.

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